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WebDec 07,  · In short, our proofreading is about making sure you can communicate your meaning as clearly and effectively as possible. This makes it great for putting a final WebSep 14,  · Proofreading services are a great way to improve your standard of writing. A proofreader will check your work for errors and make edits to your piece with WebWhen you need a professional document edited, look no further than DOC Proofreading. We offer editing and proofreading services for all types of documents – whether it’s an ... read more

This is great as you'll always get an editor with subject-matter expertise for your specific work. Their services are submitted to authors and business professionals for students and academics. They always come through in flying colors, no matter what you throw at them. They are one of the best in the business and consistently deliver top-notch quality. But also be aware that quality comes at a higher price tag. Scribbr is a professional proofreading and editing company specializing in academic texts. They have a team of expert editors who can help you improve your writing, whether it's for an essay, thesis, or dissertation. The editing process is done with a great deal of care and precision to maintain the originality and integrity of the document.

The turnaround time is quick and efficient, so you can expect to have your document back within 24 hours! They also offer a plagiarism checker to help you ensure that your work is original and unique. Wordvice is another excellent proofreading service with fantastic reviews to back them up. They have a barrage of editors that deliver fast results in a timely manner, all according to how fast you want the turnaround to be. They have several areas of focus, including terminology and language use, conciseness, style, clarity, meaning, and coherent logic, just to name a few. Wordvice's fantastic service covers areas such as academic, business, and any written work. They have different levels depending on what you need, and each order is tailored specifically for your needs. Not only do they fix the common grammar, punctuation, and flow of your books or whatever you need them for, but they also provide valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement, which is a huge plus.

Proofreading services are a great way to improve your standard of writing. A proofreader will check your work for errors and make edits to your piece with suggestions for improvement. This is a valuable service for students, business professionals, and anyone who wants an immaculate text or wants to improve their writing style through the knowledge of specialists. Proofreaders review your work for grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, typos, and misspellings. They also check for consistency in terms of style, formatting, tone, flow, terminology, coherent logic, conciseness, and more! If you're looking for a quick and affordable way to check your assignments or improve the quality of your writing with questions to industry experts, proofreading services are worth considering.

When I'm looking for a proofreader, I want someone who can catch any mistake, big or small. I also need someone who can offer suggestions on how to make my writing better. Proofreading is all about finding errors and fixing them, but it's also about making sure your writing is clear, concise, and error-free. A good proofreader will help you polish your writing to the next level. When looking for a proofreading service, one of the most important things besides quality is the turnaround time. You don't want to have to wait weeks for your documents to be returned with notes and corrections. That's why I love the proofreading services on this list—they all have a deadline of 24 hours or less. That way, you can get your document back in a flash and still have time to make the necessary changes based on the advice that you got.

Most of these services are affordable, so it's a win-win situation. Generally, proofreading services fall into one of two categories: fast and affordable or high-quality and expensive. This heavily depends on the word count and what type of document you need edited and proofread. The skills and expertise required for a heavy academic research paper are way different than those for editing a light novel. Most of the time, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Most proofreading services offer a satisfaction guarantee or a money-back guarantee on their sites. This means that if you're not happy with the service, you either get revisions on the work until you're satisfied, get a discount, or get the entire thing refunded.

But it's important to read the fine print before you sign up for a proofreading service because not all guarantees are the same if something happens. Some guarantees may only apply to a specific portion of the editing process, or they may only be valid for a certain amount of time. So be sure to ask the proofreading service about their satisfaction guarantee before you sign up. Most professional proofreading services offer this option. When you're selecting your proofreader, just make sure to choose one who has the specific qualifications you need. For example, if you're writing a scientific paper, you'll want to choose a proofreader with a background in science. Your APA formatting expert will make sure all elements in your paper are formatted according to the 7th edition APA Style guidelines.

This service includes:. Our experts are familiar with all common citation styles , including APA , MLA , and Chicago. Excellent service, they truly improved the quality of my manuscript. I have used the Scribbr Editing Service for a few years. Each time they provided valuable and insightful comments which enhanced the quality of my papers. Everything they offer was really helpful for me. And I am sure, that with Scribbr my bachelor thesis is going to get a much better grading. Loved the feedback. It was a great outside perspective and review. Would do it again for other essays! No ads and great UI, along with helpful instructions. Keep up the great work! So long citation machine!

I got my essay at the proper time. And it was very professional. I'm delighted to deal with you. And sure, it won't be the last time. Many helpful corrections were made which undoubtedly improved my essay considerably. I also had it delivered within 24 hours, even though I had set the deadline for seven days. Thanks a lot! I will for sure use this service again. I am delighted with the editing work by John. The feedbacks are encouraging, precise and helpful. Great Input, very satisfied with the Review extended Feedback. I love this website as it is convenient and easy to use. Scribbr also saves your sources if you create an account, which is another great feature.

They also have a "lists" feature that is helpful for me because I am often juggling more than one paper with a variety or sources, and the lists feature allows me to organize them separately. The quality and smoothness of this website is mind blowing and the way they explain each concepts is easy to understand. I honestly cannot do without this service. Not only do they correct my flubs, but they educate you as you go, to. I have been using them for two semesters of my doctorate program now. Gawd I wish I would have found them during my Master's or Post Master's. So much time could have been saved! So much angst! An english editor of Sribbr reviewed my paper and it was very helpfull.

The corrections were allright, however changing some phrases made no sense. Maybe because it was not reviewed by somebody of the concerning field and or on a level of a master thesis. All in all corrections improved my article. Maybe it was helpful that I explained more explicity what I was looking for the second time. Conclusion: Value for money is unbeatbale! I can recommend Scribbr! amazing user experience! it is simply just a click away. this has been such a time-saver! i absolutely love Scribbr! thank you! We are really satisfied with Scribbr profreading service.

We sent a scientific paper from a high-impact journal in agriculture science. The review process was easy and fast, with options of service, pages, expertise area, and English choice. The feedback was a great help to us and included explanations and tips on the most important aspects and common errors. I double myself all the time and when someone can check my work before submission, it's always great to have it reviewed by a person with a similar background in the field of work. I have been coming to Scribbr almost everytime and it's always great to see the comments for improvements as well as proofread. Slow and hard to edit. Love the idea of this site but just not that useful Edit: partly user error definitely better still found it slower than some other citation generators.

We handpick the best editor or team of editors for the job, based on your field of study and other requirements. Use the feedback from your editor to guide your final revisions and submit your work with confidence. Our editors can edit and proofread your work within 24 hours so you can meet your deadline without unnecessary stress. With over free articles on academic writing and 5 million monthly visitors, the Scribbr Knowledge Base is the starting point for many students writing their papers. We have an impressive track record, with 2, independent Trustpilot reviews and an average score of 4. We aim to make you just as satisfied. Want to contact us directly? No problem. We are always here for you. Scribbr specializes in editing study-related documents. We proofread:. You can upload your document at any time and choose between three deadlines:.

Our philosophy: Your complaint is always justified — no denial, no doubts. Yes, if your document is longer than 30, words, you will get a sample of approximately 2, words. You will receive the sample edit within 24 hours after placing your order. Read more about how the sample edit works. Yes, in the order process you can indicate your preference for American, British, or Australian English. If your editor has any questions about this, we will contact you. Yes, regardless of the deadline you choose, our editors can proofread your document during weekends and holidays. Example: If you select the hour service on Saturday, you will receive your edited document back within 24 hours on Sunday.

Our APA experts default to APA 7 for editing and formatting. For the Citation Editing Service you are able to choose between APA 6 and 7. For a more comprehensive edit, you can add a Structure Check or Clarity Check to your order. With these building blocks, you can customize the kind of feedback you receive. You might be familiar with a different set of editing terms. To help you understand what you can expect at Scribbr, we created this table:. View an example. Scribbr Proofreading services Rates How it works Editing example Our editors Happiness guarantee Reviews Upload. Specialized in academic texts. Theses Stand out from your peers with an error-free thesis that flows well from beginning to end.

PhD dissertations Impress your supervisor and graduate with a flawless dissertation. Capstone projects Demonstrate your expertise and obtain your degree with a perfect capstone project. Proposals Secure funding or approval from supervisors with a well-written proposal. English documents Sound like a native English speaker and get their thoughts across clearly. Literature reviews Set the foundation for a great piece of academic writing with a well-written literature review. Professional editing in just 24 hours Get instant quote.

All our academic and scientific proofreaders are highly qualified native English speakers. The price is worked out at a flat rate per thousand words, so you know exactly how much the editing will cost in advance. learn more about our journal article proofreading services and English language editing for researchers across all academic and scientific journals. find out more about our scientific paper and manuscript proofreading services and English language editing across all scientific fields by science editors and proofreaders. learn more about our dissertation proofreading services across all academic areas by professional proofreaders and editors. learn more about our phd thesis editing and proofreading services across all academic areas by professional phd proofreaders and editors.

explore our fields of expertise in proofreading and editing academic and scientific papers by proofreaders who hold a phd. find out more about our medical paper editing and proofreading services across all medical fields by md editors and proofreaders. explore our expertise in proofreading and editing academic and scientific manuscripts by proofreaders who hold a phd. Dieser Service arbeitet im Verhältnis zu den anderen Anbietern schnell und ist dabei sehr gründlich und zuverlässig. I am sure that without their service it would have been difficult to publish my research with Springer. I will certainly use their service again and recommend them to my colleagues. Språkvasken ble utført på 48 timer! Cumprem sempre os prazos acordados.

A forma de pagamento é igualmente rápida e não considero caro. As dúvidas são esclarecidas de forma muito clara. Já recomendei a vários colegas e continuo a recomendar vivamente! They kept their promise to produce the result on time and the quality of the paper is as they advertised. The corrections and comments were made by an expert in the field of pharmacy. Excellent service. com provides professional academic proofreading services and English language editing exclusively for professors, lecturers, post-doctoral researchers, research students and business customers. Our aim is to meet the growing demand for English-language services from academics and business people around the world.

We are a dedicated provider of academic proofreading services and English language editing for the authors of PhD theses, dissertations, research papers, journal articles, books, essays and other professional documents, such as research proposals, in the Sciences, the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Our very competitive prices are set at a fixed rate per thousand words see Prices , and the price remains the same irrespective of the complexity of the work or the amount of corrections required. We have helped many senior academics including professors and researchers by proofreading their written work before it was accepted for publication.

Without proofreading, the work would not have been accepted. In many cases, customers have contacted us to proofread their work because it was rejected on the first submission due to too many errors of English spelling and grammar. In most of these cases, the document was accepted for publication after proofreading. Our dedicated team of journal editors and proofreaders will give you more confidence in the work that you submit with our journal editing and proofreading services. The author instructions provided by academic and scientific journals must be followed with precision when preparing a scholarly article for publication or the paper may be rejected without serious consideration of its content; the same problem can arise if an article written in the English language contains too many grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

Our academic and scientific journal editors and proofreaders can help you to ensure that this does not happen to your articles by resolving any problems with your language, adjusting your formatting and references to conform consistently to journal requirements and correcting simple typing errors. Preparing an academic or scientific article or manuscript for publication in a scholarly journal is far from a simple process. Producing sound and engaging content is only the first of many concerns. The language in which a paper is written must be clear and correct to communicate complex information effectively. Tables and figures must be designed to present complicated data in visually effective forms.

The publication support services available through Proof-Reading-Service. com can help you correct and polish these aspects of your article, significantly increasing your chances of successful publication. Scientific manuscript editing and proofreading services for researchers and scientists across all scientific fields, including medical, biological and physical sciences, are also offered by Proof-Reading-Service. Scientific writing must be accurate and informative, reporting complex methods and data clearly and consistently, but in most cases it also needs to follow specific formatting and stylistic guidelines such as the author instructions of scholarly journals with precision, and the best scientific writing is also engaging and searching, which it can only be if it is very well written.

The professional scientific editing services from Proof-Reading-Service. com can help you to meet the rigorous demands of scientific writing and reduce the risk of rejection or failure by checking and correcting your grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting and many other aspects of your documents. Our professional PhD thesis and dissertation proofreading services can help you to eliminate this risk by carefully checking the accuracy and consistency of your writing and formatting, correcting errors where necessary and suggesting possible improvements. Years of planning, research, discussion, writing and editing not to mention tuition are invested in the PhD thesis or dissertation that is usually required to earn a doctoral degree at universities, yet a PhD student can risk failure after all that hard work if the university or department guidelines have not been followed or the thesis contains too many grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

This is a standard function installed in most versions of Microsoft Word. This function allows you to move easily between changes and accept any or all of the modifications proposed by the proofreader. Corrections, suggestions and comments are shown in the right-hand margin and are easy to accept into your document. We also offer academic proofreading services and English language editing for LaTeX documents. It would help if you include any unusual style files that you used e. journal, style, sty, tex or ps files. We are able to show what alterations our editor has made to a PDF document. This will highlight any changes to the text.

We cover all academic areas with a bank of proofreaders who have expertise in a wide range of academic disciplines. com is very selective when hiring proofreaders. We do not employ faceless contract proofreaders; at Proof-Reading-Service. com we personally select our proofreaders, and each is highly respected in the proofreading field. All of our proofreaders are native English speakers, educated at least to Masters level some hold a PhD with extensive university teaching and examining experience. Apart from demonstrating their qualifications and experience, all of our proofreaders have to pass a tough entry assessment. We also monitor the work of our proofreaders on a regular basis. The advantage of our academic proofreading services and over other proofreading services and individual proofreaders is that our proofreaders are fully approved and trusted.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service we will refund your money or proofread your document again gratis. The information provided to Proof-Reading-Service. com is held in absolute confidence and privacy. We guarantee never to give away your personal information, including your name, to any third party. Additionally, we go the extra mile to ensure that our IT equipment incorporates the latest security devices and software including encryption. Why us? Service Overview Submission Guidelines. Professor John-Stewart Gordon,. Professor Elimhan N. Mahmudov, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. Inge Hermanrud, Høgskolen i Hedmark, Norway. Hennet Jean Claude, France. Rita Cachado, Brasil. González Zamora, Universidad de Sevilla, España.

Patrizio Tressoldi, Italy. Titi Rahmawati, Malaysia. Seweryn Krajewski, Poland. Professor Han-Gon Choi, Korea. Till Mossakowski, Germany. A little more about us. English Português Español Français Deutsch 中国简体 繁體中文 日本語 한국어 Čeština.

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WebSep 14,  · Proofreading services are a great way to improve your standard of writing. A proofreader will check your work for errors and make edits to your piece with WebWhen you need a professional document edited, look no further than DOC Proofreading. We offer editing and proofreading services for all types of documents – whether it’s an WebDec 07,  · In short, our proofreading is about making sure you can communicate your meaning as clearly and effectively as possible. This makes it great for putting a final ... read more

Turn around. Titi Rahmawati, Malaysia. explore our fields of expertise in proofreading and editing academic and scientific papers by proofreaders who hold a phd. Iselin 24 October Excellent service Excellent service, they truly improved the quality of my manuscript. Your file is being uploaded!

Your editor is ready. Read more about how the sample edit works, proofreading services. Why choose Scribbr? They have worked proofreading services a variety of clients, probably including major publishers, small presses, and individual authors, proofreading services. Pick one that suits your needs perfectly, and get your essays checked for readability and inconsistencies by experienced writers. Samira M Expert Editor. Academic I need to have my journal article, dissertation, or term paper edited and proofread, or I need help with an admissions essay or proposal.